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We get the same call at least once a month.  A new business owner (let’s say has been in business 6 months) decides it’s time to launch a website.  They want to start advertising their business.  We explain that merely launching a website is not going to automatically create organic leads for the business.  A website is important for sure – you need a platform online that represents your business, […]

On-Page SEO


WHAT IS ON-PAGE SEO? ON-PAGE SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages VS. ON-SITE SEO which is optimizing your entire website. Below we have broken down the basic steps you will want to apply to web pages that you are trying to rank higher and earn more qualified traffic.   Incorporate key word in the page URL If you are looking to rank a page on your website […]

Google 3 pack

How to Get Your Business on the Google 3-Pack (+Why It Matters)

Google’s goal is to provide the most relevant and accurate results for searchers, and they’re constantly tweaking the way they show these results to simplify searching for users. And while that’s great news for searchers, it can pose a host of problems for local business owners trying to keep up with the latest and greatest updates and algorithm changes. One such update that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime […]

retail seo

The Top Ideas for Your 2020 Holiday Marketing

Many of us think of Black Friday as essentially the kick-off date for the holiday shopping season, but did you know that consumers actually begin their shopping well before then? In fact, nearly 40% of consumers begin their shopping before Halloween. Almost a full month ahead of Black Friday! So, in order to capture these shoppers, you need to start thinking about your 2020 holiday marketing strategy right now. We know, it’s […]

ottawa web design

The Secret Weapon Your Website is Missing (Hint: It’s Live Chat!)

Picture this: You go to a website to learn more about a potential new doctor. The office is closed, and there’s no way to get the additional information you need before choosing to visit this doctor. You leave the website and go to a competing doctor’s site. You can’t find exactly what you need on their site either, but you notice a chat pop up. You open the chat and get the […]

Mobile Web Design

18 Lead Conversion Terms You Need to Know

While getting a visit to your website or a contact from a prospect is great, those visits and contacts don’t mean much if you don’t use lead conversion best practices to turn them into new customers. So what is lead conversion, anyway? It’s everything a business needs to do to turn prospects into leads and leads into customers. Check out this glossary of 18 important lead conversion terms every local […]


3 Retargeting Tactics to Enhance Your Digital Marketing

When a search advertising client asks what else he or she could be doing in the digital advertising space, my first thought is typically to tell them about retargeting. Retargeting perfectly complements search advertising, especially for those clients who offer expensive products and services. That said, retargeting is actually a solid fit for any business that wants more visibility and website traffic from highly interested prospects, which can help improve […]

Multifamily Marketing: Connecting with Gen Z through Email Marketing

Gen Z is heading to college, and in an ever-evolving digital world staying in front of them in an engaging way can seem a daunting task. You may be surprised to learn that email is still an important way of connecting with these up-and-comers. Ninety-one percent of consumers check their email once a day (that includes Gen Z), and 88% of renters indicate that email is their preferred method of communication. So how […]

Student Housing Prospects: Find them on the #Gram

Peak season may be the time when leases are signed, but prospects are forming their opinions about you long before then. All year long you should be considering your web presence, online reputation, and social media as keys to getting prospects in the door when they are ready to decide. No matter the season, social media and especially Instagram are cost effective ways to reach this student audience and make a connection. […]

Mobile Advertising: 3 Tips to Directly Reach Customers

Did you know that Canadians are now spending five hours per day on mobile phones? Chances are you’re reading this article on a smartphone right now. With so many people spending so much time on mobile devices, it’s only natural as a business owner to think about how you can get in front of those consumers. Here are some ways you can use digital marketing to capitalize on that smartphone […]