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Webshark launched new mobile website for The Huntley Community Association located in Carp Ontario.

The new Association website allows members to register for events, sports programs and book out their facilities.

More about the Huntley Community Association:

The Huntley Community Association (HCA) is located in the town of Carp, Ontario. It is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. The village of Carp was originally part of Huntley Township (early 1800s) which amalgamated into West Carleton Township (1974) and then into the City of Ottawa (2001)


The Huntley Community Association started in the late 1950’s under the name “Huntley Community Centre” with the Burger Booth at the Carp Fair being one of its first endeavours. Since its inception the HCA has been active in spearheading the creation sports facilities and raising money for their construction.

The original softball diamond used to be located near the Agricultural Hall on the fairgrounds. The current ball diamonds were built in the 1960’s.

The original outdoor skating rink was located on Rivington Street and was built sometime in the 1940’s. In the early 1970’s the HCA, under the leadership of Mrs. Johnston, raised money to build a new outdoor rink facility. One of the biggest fund raisers was a “walk” between Carp and Kinburn where participants sought pledges to complete the walk. Another fundraiser was a snowmobile drag race which occurred on the land where Huntley Centennial is now located. Members of the community also donated generously. The architecture of the slanted roof for the community centre building was chosen to permit the rink to be re-configured into a “covered” rink should the need arise. There was great excitement when the rink was opened, it was a real showcase in the area. At the time, the other communities of Kinburn, Fitzroy Harbour, and Dunrobin still had wood shacks but of course soon followed with new rinks/community centres of their own. The rink has always been busy from Dec to March with skating parties, carnivals, broomball, bean suppers and of course hockey.

The tennis courts were also built in mid 1970’s after the outdoor rink.

The W. Erskine Johnston arena was opened in the early 1980’s. When it opened it served the entire township of West Carleton. Once again, the community rallied in behind the HCA is raising funds for its construction.

The soccer fields were built in the early 1990’s when Langstaff Drive was extended.

The mess hall was part of C.F.S. Carp (Diefenbunker). The base personnel used this facility for recreation and social purposes. The HCA was permitted to use the ball diamonds behind the mess. After C.F.S. Carp was decommissioned in 1994, the HCA purchased the building from the government to use as a meeting place.


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