Ready Set Write

From an early age I knew being creative was in my blood. I recall making homemade Christmas cards with my mum and I think that is when I was hooked. I enjoyed the creative process.

In elementary school I discovered sewing and recognized I needed to be unique.

And then life happened and creativity was put on the back burner.  It was during this time that I was introduced to journaling.  I found it very therapeutic and a great release for a hectic day.  It was through my journaling that I rediscovered watercolours.  The creative bug struck again.  I filled books with my watercolours but the books just sat there.  It was then that I recognized I needed the end result of my creativity to not only be unique but also useful.  I use my watercolour sketch books as the background for my journaling. Custom DesignResponsiveEcommerceUnlimited Changes - Hosting - Support

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