Annual Fees Explained

Due to the ever-changing internet and the importance of keeping your website current, WebShark provides clients with the option to pay modest annual fixed fees that provide them unlimited website changes and maintenance throughout the year. These fees include website hosting.


Gold Package


Evaluated as a website that will require monthly changes and maintenance.

Why your website needs maintenance

These annual fee options provide the following annual services:

explanation of each service item

Unlimited Website Changes

Although we are generous with our time and do not always go by the book, we define this as making alterations to a websites existing content and structure.

Our goal is to allow our clients to feel that they are supported and do not have to worry about being billed by the hr on every request. Our response time is typically within 24-48 hrs max, and we use a very slick ticket system.

Linux Web Server

In order for your website to be available online it must be hosted on a web server. For the most part small – medium sized organization will use shared hosting platforms. Webshark has a very fast and high-quality Linux server. Our server makes daily backups, so your data is always backed up.

WordPress Updates

If your website is built using the WordPress platform there are constant plugin and platform updates that need to be done to keep your website functioning at a high level and to keep it secure from malware. Webshark will routinely make these updates when they are available to ensure your website has zero vulnerabilities and continues to run at a high level.

Malware Removal

Due to the nature of the internet these days it is possible that your website will experience corrupted files or malware existing within its platform. Webshark performs monthly virus scans to stay on top of any possible malware. In the case your website does get infected we will properly remove and change all security passwords for your website as part of our annual fees.

General Website Fixes

Websites like anything can have errors or small breaks in their functionality. Once identified Webshark will review and repair in an urgent manner.

Domain Name Management

Every website has at least one URL that works as its primary address. This domain name needs to be renewed every year with its domain registrar. Webshark will manage the domain and ensure that it is renewed each year.

General Support

Webshark is always available for general conversation about the internet.

What if I don’t require any ongoing maintenance services?

If you feel your website will remain mostly static or you can completely manage yourself. We can just host your website for $264/year. If you require Webshark’s assistance in the future, we can invoice you by the hour case by case.

WEBSHARK billing schedule

Our service period for annual fees is September 01 – August 31 each year. Our annual renewals are sent out via email on August 01 with a due date of Aug 31. If we are building your website or taking over your website within the year you will be prorated until Aug 31 with a full renewal provided on Aug 01. If you have any question about our annual fees and maintenance services please send your question to [email protected].

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