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We’ll help get you listed accurately and consistently online where it matters to drive more visits, calls, and clicks to your business.


Drive Visibility for Your Business

Maximize Reach and Drive Engagement with Our Comprehensive Listings Solution

Ensure your business is easily discoverable with our cutting-edge business listings management solution. At Webshark, we are dedicated to helping you achieve maximum visibility by ensuring accurate and consistent business listing information across platforms that matter, ultimately driving more visits, calls, and clicks to your business.

With access to over 50 online business listing directories, you can significantly increase your business's visibility in key marketplaces. The single-dashboard solution allows you to effortlessly update and automate your listings, ensuring accurate and consistent information.

Review Monitoring & Reputation Management

Keeping track of your business's reputation is crucial. Our platform offers simplified review monitoring and management, so you can promptly respond to reviews and maintain a positive brand image.

Why Listings Management is Perfect for Your Business

Optimized Visibility for Maximum Reach
By managing your business listings accurately across multiple directories, you enhance your online visibility for both consumers searching for businesses like yours, as well as search engines looking to display the most relevant local results.

Streamlined Management for Efficiency
Our platform simplifies the management of listings, providing an intuitive dashboard where you can effortlessly update information across multiple platforms.

Insightful Analytics for Informed Decisions
Our platform offers insightful analytics that provide a deeper understanding of your online performance.


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WebShark Listings Management: Tailored to Fit Your Business

WebShark's Listings Management solution offers three flexible pricing tiers designed to align with the unique needs of your business.

Listings Pro: This self-service plan empowers you to manage your business listings across more than 20 prominent directories, including high-traffic platforms like Google Business Profile, Bing Places, Apple Maps, Yelp, and more. Listings Pro delivers automated updates, synchronization, and efficient duplicate listing removal. Additionally, it includes integration with Facebook and Google listings, review monitoring, and advanced reporting.

Listings Pro+: Building upon the foundation of Listings Pro, this self-service plan offers integrated review response and real-time review notifications. Pro+ takes your online presence a step further by enabling you to instantly post on platforms like Google and Facebook, enhancing your reach and engagement.

Listings Premium: For businesses seeking comprehensive listings management without the hassle, Listings Premium offers everything from the Pro and Pro+ tiers. This premium plan provides access to our team of experts, ensuring changes are managed on your behalf. It expands directory integrations to over 60, including healthcare-specific directories, and offers advanced analytics to fine-tune your listings strategy.

WebShark's Listings empowers you to take control of crucial business information, ensuring your online presence accurately represents your brand and services.

Key Information You Can Manage:

  • Business Descriptions: Craft compelling business descriptions that encapsulate your brand's essence and offerings, providing potential customers with a clear understanding of what you do.
  • Service Areas: Define and update the regions or areas your business serves, helping customers identify whether your services align with their location.
  • Special Opening Hours: Advertise special opening hours for holidays, events, or any unique occasions when your regular schedule is adjusted.
  • Images: Showcase your business visually by uploading high-quality images that highlight your products, services, or ambiance.
  • Standard Business Listing Details: Manage essential business details such as name, address, phone number, and other relevant contact information.

In the eyes of search engines like Google, data accuracy is paramount to ensure a seamless user experience. Google values trustworthy data and prioritizes it for users. However, any inconsistencies in the data can lead to lower visibility in search results.

Often, business listings can be modified without your knowledge, potentially resulting in inaccurate information. This can have a negative impact on your online presence, especially on platforms like Google. A well-maintained business listings strategy is vital to uphold data accuracy and ensure top positions on Google Maps and search results.

Furthermore, actively managing your business listings allows you to stay informed about incoming reviews, enabling timely responses. Reviews and responses that incorporate relevant keywords can significantly boost your SEO, further enhancing your online credibility.

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