Marketing Dashboard

Our digital marketing dashboard lets you access reports 24/7, listen to phone calls and recordings, and manage your lead inbox – all in one place.


Decoding Marketing Metrics

An all-encompassing tool designed to empower businesses through data-driven insights. In the realm of modern marketing, staying ahead requires not only creativity and strategy but also a profound understanding of how your efforts are performing. That's where our Marketing Dashboard steps in, providing a central hub to monitor, analyze, and optimize all your marketing activities.


Analytics Unleashed

Unified Insights

Consolidate data from various marketing channels, including social media, PPC, email campaigns, and more.

Real-Time Analytics

Access real-time analytics to track campaign performance as it happens. Stay updated on key metrics, conversion rates, customer engagement.

Actionable Insights

Receive actionable insights and recommendations based on your data. Leverage these insights to fine-tune your marketing campaigns, maximize ROI.

Data-Powered Excellence

A Marketing Dashboard is your compass in the intricate realm of marketing, guiding your strategies with the illumination of data-driven decisions. It brings your entire marketing landscape into clear focus, allowing real-time visibility into campaign performance, customer engagement, and critical metrics. This holistic view amalgamates data from various channels, empowering you to optimize campaigns efficiently. With customized reporting and actionable insights at your fingertips, you can steer your marketing ship with precision, ensuring every move is strategic and purposeful. From enhancing productivity to fostering collaboration among teams, a Marketing Dashboard is the key to unraveling the true potential of your marketing endeavors.


WebShark’s Marketing Dashboard integrates simplified marketing analytics with lead management, tracking, and engagement. With your Dashboard, you’ll easily identify the most effective marketing strategies and optimize lead interactions to boost conversions.

The Marketing Dashboard analytics reports provide a comprehensive view of lead sources and the top-performing marketing channels, ensuring you make informed decisions to optimize your advertising investment. Depending on the WebShark features you’re utilizing, your dashboard will showcase activity from Search Ads, Display Ads, Listings, and more.

Additionally, from the Marketing Dashboard, you’ll efficiently manage your leads inbox. Receive instant notifications for new calls, emails, and form submissions. Easily access details on who contacted you, when, and their engagement frequency. Gain transparency by listening to call recordings, ensuring excellent customer interactions.

WebShark’s Marketing Dashboard empowers you to tag leads and automate emails for quicker, highly personalized follow-ups. Streamline your lead management process for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

The Activity Inbox in WebShark's Marketing Dashboard functions similarly to lead management software. From the Activity Inbox, you can effortlessly track, manage, and promptly respond to both new leads and existing customers.

Through WebShark's lead management solution, you'll receive immediate notifications via email or SMS text for any new lead activity. These notifications will detail the lead's origin (chat, email, call, etc.) and provide a graphical representation of total lead sources within a specific time frame. Additionally, you can easily access and review form submissions and call recordings directly from your Inbox. Note: call recordings are not accessible for HIPAA clients.

As your lead activity grows, effective lead management becomes crucial. You can streamline this process by tagging and categorizing each lead upon its addition to your Activity Inbox. These tags allow for organized lead tracking and enable the sending of highly personalized follow-up emails, improving response rates.

Efficiently respond to leads directly through your Activity Inbox or opt to download and share them with other team members, ensuring a seamless workflow. The Activity Inbox is designed to enhance your lead management experience as your business activity expands.

Ensuring an exceptional customer experience and prompt responses for every business call is paramount. With WebShark's call tracking solution, you gain the ability to listen to call recordings, ensuring quality assurance and timely follow-up.

Within WebShark, every call from a customer or prospect is automatically recorded and made available on your digital marketing dashboard for a period of 90 days. This feature allows you to easily identify the associated lead, the caller's phone number, and the call timestamp. Using the call tracking tool, you can seamlessly listen to the recording, share it with your team, and even download it for record-keeping purposes and future training sessions.

WebShark's call tracking solution empowers you to maintain a high standard of customer service by allowing you to review and analyze call interactions, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement in customer engagement and satisfaction.

Absolutely. WebShark can function as a standalone lead management solution or seamlessly integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This integration enhances visibility into lead activity, streamlining the process of providing swift and personalized responses.

CRM software is specifically designed to aid in managing contacts, leads, and customers. WebShark's Marketing Dashboard complements CRM tools by offering insights into lead origins, showcasing the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts, and presenting automation and personalization options for lead engagement.

WebShark's lead management solution provides a comprehensive view of all interactions with your business, be it calls, form submissions, emails, chats, and more. Moreover, it offers the capability to import existing contact lists from your CRM software, enabling centralized management and efficient handling of all prospects and leads from a single, user-friendly location. This consolidation of lead data facilitates seamless coordination and amplifies productivity in your lead management processes.

Webshark is a complete growth marketing platform that allows you to find, convert, and keep more customers.

Webshark offers several marketing solutions, including:

  • Search, Video, Display, and Social Ads
  • Websites and landing pages
  • SEO
  • Chat

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