Social Media Marketing

Managing your social media accounts is a 24/7 job. Grow your brand presence on Facebook, Twitter, and more with smart automation features for social media marketing.


Elevating Your Social Media Engagement

In the digital age, establishing a strong social media presence is imperative for small businesses to thrive. This entails not only creating and managing accounts on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter but also engaging with your audience effectively.

  • Increase social engagement

  • Manage your reviews

  • Do it all in less time

Elevating Your Social Media Engagement

Account Management and Engagement
Expert management and active engagement on Facebook and Twitter are crucial components of a successful social media strategy. Regular updates, timely responses to comments and messages, and the creation of engaging posts can enhance your brand

Social Media Content Creation
Compelling and relevant content is the lifeblood of your social media presence. Tailoring content to your target audience and platform preferences is essential. Engaging visuals, informative articles, videos, and infographics are just some of the content types that can capture and retain your audience's attention.

Brand Listening
Understanding what your audience is saying about your brand or industry is vital. Brand listening involves monitoring social media platforms for mentions, comments, or discussions related to your business.

Social Review Monitoring and Management
Online reviews can significantly influence a business's reputation. Monitoring reviews across various social platforms and promptly addressing any concerns or feedback can demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and showcase transparency to potential customers.


Webshark combines deep insights into small business marketing with customizable programs and cutting-edge technology to boost your visibility and drive traffic and leads to both your online and physical presence.

Our adept Social Media Managers possess expertise that goes beyond social media, comprehending how organic social posts integrate with other vital marketing channels such as local SEO, PPC advertising, and directory listings.

Recognizing the uniqueness of your business, services, and customer base, Webshark provides adaptable social media marketing programs tailored to your specific objectives. We collaborate with you to craft a strategy and integrate the necessary services for its success.

Backing our social media experts is Webshark's exclusive technology, including our Marketing Dashboard. This empowers small businesses to monitor, optimize, and engage with both organic and paid marketing channels in ways that human effort alone cannot achieve.

Social media marketing is a marketing practice that uses social media to promote a business and generate sales. Social media marketing is designed to gain an audience’s attention while they’re scrolling social feeds.

The goals of social media marketing include building brand awareness, engaging with prospects and customers, generating new leads, and driving conversions. The goals you set inform your social media marketing strategy.

Social media marketing tactics include posting organically on your business page, paying to place social media ads, using hashtags, tracking and replying to social media reviews, and engaging with people through comments on posts (both yours and other account posts).

A key differentiator of social media marketing is the ability to have a conversation with your customers. Unlike other channels like search marketing and TV advertisements, with social media you can get feedback from your audience and build a community online.

Social media marketing is an affordable option for growing brand awareness and generating leads with targeted audiences, plus it allows you to create a community in ways other marketing options can’t. These attributes of social media marketing are particularly beneficial for small and local businesses.

Many small companies are attracted to social media as a channel for marketing their business because there is little or no cost barrier to beginning. Most social platforms allow you to create a business profile and post for free—putting it in reach of any business.

Social media is great for finding niche audiences that would be interested in what you sell. You can use hashtags to get your organic posts found by users of your services. You can join and interact with special interest groups. And you can gain followers that are similar to your current customers through content sharing and networking.

It would be difficult to find another marketing channel that gives you so many ways to connect with a specific group of people at such a low cost.

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