Measuring Your Marketing: Our Recipe for Success

One of the major frustrations we hear from local businesses time and time again is around knowing what aspects of their marketing is actually working to impact ROI. This is especially true for businesses just starting out in general or taking the first steps in the digital marketing realm after years in business. When you’re new to the game, it’s hard to understand the rules.

So, from our perspective, the best thing any business owner can do is take the time to determine what marketing activities are not only driving leads to their business but also driving revenue.

So, how can you do that?

Here are three ways to measure your marketing to determine what’s working for your business:

A Pinch of Lead Attribution

Lead attribution reports give business owners the opportunity to see which of their marketing tactics are driving activities like visits, form fills, calls, and more. Lead attribution is extremely helpful in determining what’s working to drive people to your business. But, one of the things lead attribution is unable to do is track brand awareness activities. A prospect may have converted to a lead through organic search, but you’re unable to determine what activities may have led up to that conversion, like that prospect seeing a Facebook ad or PPC ad before clicking to your organic website. That’s why other reporting at the activity level is also important so you can look at overall impressions and clicks.

A Dash of Lead Tracking Tools

With lead tracking, you’re able to follow your leads through the process until they convert into a customer. Many businesses track their leads through a lead inbox that allows them to see all their leads in one place, where they can easily respond to leads, tag them, and create workflows for following up.

A Heap of Lead Management

A full lead management solution allows businesses to see their lead attribution reports, access lead tracking tools, and much more. Lead management is becoming more and more accessible for local businesses, allowing them to take control of their leads and their marketing by completely following from prospect through customer conversion. And, many lead management solutions allow you to integrate with other business systems so you can automate aspects of your business operations, like nurture campaigns, billing, and more. This allows you to see which leads are driving actual revenue for your business.

Lead management is essential for any business looking to measure the effectiveness of their marketing, and we anticipate this will continue to grow in importance as more marketing strategies are released and customers continue to evolve in the way they research and find local businesses. For more information about measuring your marketing effectiveness, visit our website.