Student Housing Prospects: Find them on the #Gram

Peak season may be the time when leases are signed, but prospects are forming their opinions about you long before then. All year long you should be considering your web presence, online reputation, and social media as keys to getting prospects in the door when they are ready to decide. No matter the season, social media and especially Instagram are cost effective ways to reach this student audience and make a connection.


This generation of college students is more diverse, and more active on social media than generations past. Eighty-one percent of CDN adults in the 18-29 age range are active on Facebook, and 64% are active on Instagram. Having a presence where they spend their time socializing online can help you grow your brand and even build an online community for your residents.


Creating content doesn’t have to be rocket science; there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Take advantage of resources at your fingertips like student events already hosted at your property and make those moments Instagram-able. Get creative with a photo-wall that your residents and their friends will share for you. Create and use hashtags on all your posts, and make sure you are keeping up with hashtags that are trending with your local student community. Running out of ideas? Use these post suggestions as a guide. Focus on lifestyle, amenities, and stay in tune with campus life.  It can be anything from a big game coming up or an interesting concert or visiting speaker. The possibilities are endless.  Promoting them on your social media provides share-able opportunities for your audience and in turn promotes your property.


Having a social feed full of interesting pictures and relevant content is key. But don’t forget Instagram stories and IGTV. Gen Z visits YouTube at least once a week to access video content, and their appetite for video extends to other social platforms like Instagram as well.  Producing tons of video to engage them might sounds expensive, right?  It doesn’t have to be. Not all your videos need to be professionally produced. In fact, having your staff produce and post videos lends to an authenticity this generation craves.  Give them an insider’s sneak peek of a newly styled model-unit or post highlights from your resident’s only pool party or other events – before, during, and after. Your site team has smartphones with cameras that they are already using to create content for their personal pages. Give them a chance to shine on your community page and take advantage of their skills!


You can use social media to do more than connect with residents. You can also pay for placement on the Instagram feeds of students all over campus by targeting mobile devices geographically with Instagram Ads. These ads can help drive website traffic and grow your following. Make sure that after being exposed to your ads, they find a lively Instagram feed that tells them who you are and why they want to move in.

There are several ways that you can utilize Instagram to grow your brand year-round. Your site team can create content, use hashtags, and take advantage of different formats including video to grow your following.  And remember that paid placement can help complement your efforts to connect you with new audiences. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with all your multifamily marketing efforts.