The Secret Weapon Your Website is Missing (Hint: It’s Live Chat!)

Picture this: You go to a website to learn more about a potential new doctor. The office is closed, and there’s no way to get the additional information you need before choosing to visit this doctor. You leave the website and go to a competing doctor’s site. You can’t find exactly what you need on their site either, but you notice a chat pop up. You open the chat and get the answer to your question within five minutes.

Which doctor are you going to visit? Probably the one that gave you the information you needed to know right away.

The reality is this scenario plays out daily. And, if you don’t have a way to give web visitors the information they need when they need it, you may be missing out on converting those visitors into patients (or customers).

Here are three additional reasons live chat is the secret weapon your website is missing.

1. Live Chat Makes You Available After Hours

Think about when you’re usually searching for a business – it’s typically after work hours. The only downside to searching after your workday ends is you may not be able to reach the business because it’s after hours for them as well.

Like in the scenario above, providing website visitors with the information they need when they need it is valuable in turning that visitor into a customer. With live chat, you’re able to extend your business hours so you have someone available to answer questions and give information even when your business is physically closed, which gives you a leg up on your competitors.

2. Live Chat Captures Lead Information

Another way live chat helps your business is by capturing lead information. When a live chat operator starts chatting with a website visitor, they typically ask for information like their name, email address, and phone number.

This information can then be stored in a lead management system so you can follow up with this lead the next day. As one WEBSHARK live chat client said, “The leads that come in from live chat are hot leads – they’re ready to go.”

3. Live Chat Encourages Repeat Web Visitors

One survey found that 63% of consumers were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. Giving website visitors a way to get more information about your business and engage with you quickly and easily shows a level of commitment to customer service and can act as a positive first impression for your business.

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