ON-PAGE SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages VS. ON-SITE SEO which is optimizing your entire website.

Below we have broken down the basic steps you will want to apply to web pages that you are trying to rank higher and earn more qualified traffic.


Incorporate key word in the page URL

If you are looking to rank a page on your website for “Ottawa Moving Company”, the first step is to incorporate this term within the URL of the page Vs. a generic term such as “ABOUT” or “SERVICES”.





Create a Custom Page Description Incorporating key words and CTR terms

Each web page can have a custom description Vs. 1 general description for the entire website.

If you are looking to rank your page for “Ottawa Plumbing Services” incorporate these terms within the page description vs. something very general.  Injecting terms like #1, Top etc. will increase CTR (Click Through Rate).

James Plumbing Services | Ottawa

Ottawa’s #1 Plumbing Service | James Plumbing Inc.


Inject Key Terms Within your H1 and H2 Headers

Most websites are going to have a page structure that involves a banner image that has a page description and bolded titles within the content.  Google will look at these titles as important to the subject of the page.  Utilize your H1 and H2 headers with key words Vs. leaving them general.  If you’re trying to rank your page for “Ottawa Mortgage Broker” incorporate the key terms within your titles.  If you are setting up your “ABOUT” page don’t use “ABOUT” as the banner title. 


Banner Title : ABOUT

Banner Title : Your Ottawa Mortgage Broker


Anchor Text

Take advantage of any buttons that will click to another page.  Most pages will have a button to lead traffic to their contact page or maybe portfolio page etc.  Do not call this button “Contact Us” – use key terms.

Click here to learn more

Ottawa Mortgage Advice Awaits 


Internal and External Links

Link key terms within your content to other pages within your website (BLOGS etc.) and complimentary 3rd party websites outside of your website such as Wikipedia.


Label all images and Inject Alt Descriptions

When uploading images to your media folder for use on the page you are trying to rank make sure you name the image with key terms.  If you are trying to rank your page for “Ottawa Family Lawyer” name your images with key terms Vs. a generic image name.




These are basic steps that you can check for to see if your website is currently utilizing.  If you cannot procure these changes to your website on your own create a scope of work document and provide to your web designer.  If your website is built in WordPress it should be simple for them to procure.

For any questions on Ottawa Local SEO feel free to email us at [email protected]