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The Essential 7: Why Your WordPress Site Requires Maintenance

October 20th, 2023

Introduction:   Your website is more than just an online presence; it’s a dynamic platform that requires consistent care and attention. Neglecting essential website maintenance can lead to breakdowns, security vulnerabilities, and missed opportunities. In this article, we’ll explore seven compelling reasons why you should prioritize website maintenance.   1. Save Time and Headaches:   Think of your website as a well-maintained car. Just as your car needs regular maintenance, […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Web Design for SEO Success

September 21st, 2023

Businesses in Ottawa need an effective web strategy in order to succeed in today’s digital economy, and one key element of that presence should include optimizing your web design for search engine optimization (SEO). By employing SEO best practices into your website design, you can improve local search engine rankings in Ottawa, draw in additional organic visitors and ultimately increase online visibility and business success. In this article, we will […]

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Student Housing Prospects: Find them on the #Gram

November 19th, 2020

Peak season may be the time when leases are signed, but prospects are forming their opinions about you long before then. All year long you should be considering your web presence, online reputation, and social media as keys to getting prospects in the door when they are ready to decide. No matter the season, social media and especially Instagram are cost effective ways to reach this student audience and make a connection. […]

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